Sunday, December 18, 2011

Around Guaymas this week

Another big tree on the malecón:
The fisherman's statue is the iconic symbol of Guaymas:
Our latest favorite restaurant El Sauce y la Palma (The Willow and the Palm):

Monday-Friday on the malecón at 7 pm, there is a free zumba class.  I've seen about 100 girls and women (and two young men) on a well-attended night work out for an hour to lots of American music (some with quite raunchy lyrics).  Tonight, it was cold and being the holiday season, the group was only about 30.  Patsy (gray shirt) and I try to go about 3 times/week.  Zumba, or rather trying to do zumba, allows me to practice looking ridiculous and not care who's watching me.  There is no way I'll ever be able to shimmy my shoulders and swivel my hips like some of the latinas.
Cathedral of San Fernando:

Almost every restaurant in Guaymas has a home delivery service, including Burger King:

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