Sunday, December 11, 2011

Around Guaymas this week

Sharon from CaST Away showed me some of her favorite shops on Monday.  This bakery is great!  My favorite is a bread stuffed with cheese and ham, but they also make excellent cuernitos (horns) which look like big crescent rolls filled with cream cheese.   I made two more trips here this week on the pretext of introducing other cruisers.  By Friday, Dick asked me to please stop. 
This friendly guy sits on the sidewalk selling shrimp cocktails in small styrofoam cups - also delish!
This Christmas tree on the malecón is made from plastic water and soda bottles.  The bottoms are cut off the bottles, the sides are cut into strips.
The neck of the bottle is stuck into a chicken wire framework.  Some of the bottoms were painted blue or green and glittered up a bit to look like ornaments.
Spent lightbulbs were decorated as additional ornaments.
Palicio Municipal:

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