Saturday, December 24, 2011

To San Diego and back

5 am, 22 Dec: We were up and ready to solve one lingering issue. We've converted to outboard power, but what to do with the diesel engine which is worth a significant amount of money. We needed to do something with it before we go sailing and we didn't want to put it into storage here in Guaymas. Thanks to fellow cruisers, Doug and Linda, Que Linda, we loaded the engine into their pickup and drove to Tucson where they were going to spend Christmas with family.  We left before dawn because crossing the border might take up to 3 hours during at this time of year.  Dick rather enjoyed his nest in the back. 
In Tucson, we rented a pickup
and drove to San Diego to a Yanmar dealer who took our engine on consignment.
So much easier removing the engine with a forklift.
We immediately got back on the road and drove back to Tucson.  No trip to the USA is possible without a stop at Home Depot.  I had to laugh when I saw this sign in the women's bathroom.  "In our modern facilities, please put toilet paper in the toilet."  As I've said before, in Mexico you must put toilet paper in the waste basket or you might clog the plumbing.
By 8:30 pm, 23 December, we were at the Tufesa bus station where buses to Guaymas leave every hour, but Dick still had to return the truck. Everything had gone so smoothly thus far, now the clerk behind the window told us, "Every seat is taken, no seats are available until tomorrow afternoon." Sigh. Then she decided to check each bus until she found two seat together. Good news! Two seats at 10:30, at the very back of the bus next to the toilet :( We'll take them.   While I waited with our suitcase, Dick returned the truck, and RAN 4 miles back to the bus station, arriving about 45 minutes before departure time.

5:30 am, 24 December, we crawled into our bed on the boat. We did it. Now we can go sailing with lighter hearts . . . and a lighter boat.

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  1. Merry Christmas! It sounds like you are ready t rock n roll! Love, Val