Thursday, December 1, 2011

Making pita bread

Sharon from CaST Away came over to our boat to show a group of us how to make pita bread (or naan).  This is the perfect fresh bread for boats that have no oven - like ours :)  She said she felt like Martha Stewart. 
Her audience:  (L-R) Fran, Diane, Janice, Susie. 
Sharon prepared the dough and let it rise for a couple of hours, then it's cut into 8 portions, each portion rolled into a ball, then rolled out into an 8" circle.
After another short rise, the flattened portions are put onto a hot griddle and flipped back and forth.  It begins to puff up to become almost a sphere.  Here Sharon is reaching in to get it out of the pan because it popped a little hole and steam began to escape.
Like all freshly-baked bread, these pitas were so delicious. We had them with butter and jam. Yum! Thanks, Sharon.

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  1. This looks like fun! When do you think you will set sail?

    Love to you both, Carolyn