Sunday, December 18, 2011

Boat update

There used to be 7 holes in the bottom of our boat. They're called through-hulls and have a seacock which allows water to flow OUT but not in . . . unless of course there's a failure. Dick is quite happy to have done away with 6 of them. This is the only one now, it will allow us to pump seawater into the galley sink.
I laughed when this contraption from an old ringer washer showed up in our yard sale.  Another cruiser found it on his recently-purchased boat and wanted to get rid of it.  I joked that this could be my new pasta machine and got a few nods that this just might work.  Another cruiser said they were finally able to order one through a mail-order back-to-the-Earth-type catalog and loved having it onboard.  Why?  When you start doing your wash on the boat in a bucket, it helps to run the wet clothes through the ringer before hanging them on the lifelines to dry.  Ahhh, this is when there are no laundromats - is this experience going to be in my future?
The boat may be so light at this point that the propellor on the outboard might not reach the water.  The solution was to make an adjustable "jack plate" to allow the outboard to be lowered.
Rupert and Dick teeter-tottered our diesel engine from the ground to a height of 30" yesterday.  We're getting ready to slide it into a pickup for delivery to storage.


  1. Watching you get ready for your adventure is giving me majour itchy feet.
    I was very lucky to have such good neighbours in the boatyard at Guaymas, and will always remember these days fondly.
    I am using the boat as much as I can , but it still feels like I am neglecting it.
    I should just move back onto it .
    Please give a big GIDDAY to Rupurt and Judy and all.
    Im really enjoying being able to keep a watch on your progress.

  2. What are your plans, will you leave Guaymas soon.
    When will you splash.
    I have ben thinking about the Marina putting up there prices so much .You may as well be in La Paz.
    Whats George and Rupurt doing now.