Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boat life: refrigeration

Dick and I have decided to keep our boat as simple as possible. The fewer systems, the fewer problems to deal with. Bicycle touring prepared us well for this decision. We do have an icebox onboard which we've recently started using. About once/week we need to get more ice. Block ice lasts longer, the supplier in Guaymas is only a few blocks from the marina.
Today we bought a media barra (half block).
A brisk walk back to the boat:
The icebox is under the settee:
Food to the left, ice to the right.  Holes between the two boxes allow the air to flow.  We put the ice into a container which hopefully doesn't spill over as the ice melts.  I'm in charge of dipping out the old water, until I can lift the bigger container.
The steps up to our boat are somewhat rickety, Dick is extra careful with his load.

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  1. 21 Days we took to sail to the Marquesas, Hope the ice last that long . I remember Dick did say he could servive on uncooked rice if desperate.
    Myself , I didnt mind having a few mod cons, maybe you can take your fridge , if it breaks down , throw it over.
    Must admit the cabbage Dick bought , lasted the whole passage from memory.
    Our little Honda was our saviour. What a little rippa.
    All the best , Darren