Sunday, January 13, 2013

Aloha from Kauai

After babysitting last night, I drove to Palo Alto for a few hours sleep before getting on a plane and flying to Lihue. Pat picked me up and the poodle in the background watched our every move.

First stop: a look at the boat,

then we went to her house for a few hours until Phyllis arrived.

Phyl and I had planned this trip long ago, before Dick had his health event. Rather than Phyl losing her plane ticket and deposit on the condo, I decided to get a plane ticket so we could have some fun "girl time."  Phyl had reserved a compact rental car, but there were none available so they gave us a Lincoln Town Car.  You might think this would be a good thing, but it was a like driving a tank.  Phyl, "It was terrible. As bad as driving a Hummer except that I was sitting down low." (PS: Phyl's never driven a Hummer, but it must be at the top of her never-to-be-driven list.)

We had to get help several times to find the buttons for the lights, windshield wipers, and seat adjustment.  I wonder if the car rental agency was worried about our competency.

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