Friday, January 4, 2013

Back to San Jose

But first, a visit with cousin Phyllis. It's been quite cold for this part of northern California. Phyl said there was a low of 23°F a few days ago. Each night Dave wraps sheets around the tepee poles to protect the citrus trees.

I got Phyl to take me on a tour of her yarn stashes.  We laugh about our various stashes, mine is fabric and seems to take up most of the closet in my bedroom at Justin's house.  This is location #1 at Phyl's - the biggest pile.

Even though Phyl said, "Stop taking pictures," I just couldn't resist recording the entire tour, but have resisted adding every picture here.  This is location #8:

The next Tour de Stash should really be at her sister/cousin Carol's house.  Right, Phyl?

Back in San Jose, I put the finishing touches on the dolls.  Whew!  Delivery tomorrow morning.  Now, for a good night's sleep.

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