Monday, January 7, 2013

Six to Australia

These photos were sent to me by Anna this morning. 

Part of Anna's message: "We are through security and at the gate. The dolls have enjoyed the trip so far. I posted pics on Facebook and two friends who have met Mark and Carolyn only a few times knew exactly who the dolls were supposed to be."

Part of a message from Carolyn: "Here is my favorite airport story. We are struggling under great mounds of bags and backpacks and Carys is walking along oblivious to her surroundings and dragging Grandpa Doll by one hand. I asked if she is helping him walk and she replies with her sweet smile,  'I have to help him, Gwandma, because he isn't real!' "


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  2. The dolls are just a huge hit with the girls and I think actually are helpful as a bridge with their lives here as they go on to their new lives there. They slept with them, they talk to them, Rilyn reminded me that the three "Girls Rule" team members are all going to Australia because the grandma doll will be there, and so on. I told them a story (kind of true) last night about my grandmother being excited but kind of nervous about her family going from Missouri to Montana. She was only allowed to take one toy, so she chose her doll and held it on her lap and talked to it the whole way, which they liked.

  3. Oops! The above comment came from Carolyn.

    1. What are they doing in Aus , where are they going.
      May be able to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa Dolls.

  4. Hi Darren: Anna, Jacob, and daughters have moved to Perth, Australia - the other side of the continent from where you are. How nice of you to be willing to make connection. G'don ya - not sure of the spelling on that one.

  5. One more thing. Anna's family is from Perth, she has dual AU-USA citizenship. For the next three years, Jacob will be working for a doctorate in environmental science.