Saturday, January 26, 2013

The past few days

Wed 23 Jan:  got a call from Justin yesterday that Mom wasn't feeling well and the staff at El Camino Gardens wanted her to go to the doctor.  Early this morning, Dick and I drove from Palo Alto to Sacramento to take Mom to the doctor and get some bloodwork done. In the evening at Justin's house (just so you know where we're sleeping tonight and for the next few nights), there was time to work on the Baby Skaug quilt.

Th 24 Jan: this morning, a package arrived on Justin's doorstep: lots of study material from the League of American Bicyclists for me to absorb by Feb 8.

Fri 25 Jan: Mom was sent to Mercy San Juan by ambulance this foggy morning.  Dick and I went to the hospital. 
She had stomach pain which caused her to double-over at one point. Blood tests, x-rays, a physical exam, and a CT scan revealed colitis. Mom also had trouble swallowing water and couldn't get down the first pill she was given.When she was asked whether she wanted to stay in the hospital to get the antibiotics and additional fluids (intravenously) or go back to El Camino Gardens and take pills, she chose "home."  I wasn't optimistic this was going to work.  Was she losing her ability to swallow?  Could this be the beginning of the end?  By 4 pm, she was back home and went straight to bed.

Sat 26 Jan:  Dick and I checked on Mom this morning, she was holding her own and managed to take the first of the antibiotics in pill form - yay!  Dick and I set up halved tennis balls in Justin's driveway so I could practice the instant right turn - a skill I didn't pass when I took Traffic Skills 101. 

This is the set up for quick stop.  Going about 8-10 mph, begin braking at the first set of halved tennis balls, use 2/3 front brake + 1/3 back brake, stop with front wheel between second and third set of balls, and shift weight to the rear of the bicycle seat at the same time, and don't fall over when you come to a stop.  When you're clicked into your pedals and tired of falling over when coming to a stop, this skill was nerve-wracking. 
I also practiced rock dodge where your swerve around an inverted half-tennis ball, front wheel goes to left around rock, rear wheel goes to right around rock if done properly.  I will be tested again next Sunday.

Baby Skaug quilt coming along nicely.  Main embroidered panel is done.

Smaller embroidered applique circle also finished.  The owls noticed their new relative winking from the tree trunk and flew over to say hi. 


  1. Wow, those bike skills sound hard! And I ride my bike every day in a city-ish environment, and that just sounds so complicated! Excited to see there's work on a quilt for the baby!

  2. Also meant to write that glad to hear your mom is OK! And good luck on your biking skills test!

  3. Thanks, Nicole. Great to hear from you!