Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun with Phyl: day 2

Kauai Athletic Club to meet up with my hula friends.  At the right our kumu hula (hula teacher) Tobee, the song is Hanohano ka lei pïkake by Keali'i Reichel. In the front row (more or less) L-R: Hua, Alma, Cindy.  In the far back L-R: Sylvia (visible for only a short time), C---, Pat, Katie, Eleanor.
We hung out in Lihue today.  Kilohana Plantation.
Where the pig for the luau roasts underground
Grove Farm was a bust. At the entrance we were greeted with
and then, with no further explanation: 
The quilt store, Kapaia Stitchery, was a treasure. (Leanne M: take note. You would love this store.)

Taco Tuesday at Duke's

with the 'hood.  L-R: Phyl, Bill, Liz, Bob, Carl, Matt, Kiki (on her phone), Pat, Sylvia.

Another view. L-R: Kiki's hands (still on her phone), Pat, Sylvia, me, Phyl, Bill.

To top it off, two slices of hula pie were enough for the whole table:
Kalapaki Beach is in front of Duke's and the Marriott Hotel:
Bird of Paradise in the sunset:

Tonight on the local TV news, the weatherman told everyone to "bundle up tonight" because the low was going to be 65 degrees F.

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