Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gypsies on the move

I knew there was a problem when I received emails from friends/family that said, "Where are you? At Justin's? At Dick's sister's?" and we were at neither place.  In fact, we'd been at Steve and Corrine's house in San Jose for over a week.  I was not doing a good job of letting people know where we were, and we were about to relocate again.

It's strange sometimes not having a place to call your own, keeping the bulk of your belongings in the trunk of a car, needing to rely on the kindness of family to have a place to sleep at night. Dick and I are truly blessed to have so many people offer to let us stay with them.

As we visited with Steve and Corrine this afternoon, Corrine said we were like gypsies. Justin has said the same thing, although at the time I was offended. I didn't want to be a gypsy thinking only of the negative connotations.  (If you read the definitions listed in the online urban dictionary, you'll understand.) When we started bicycle touring, we began a version of a nomadic lifestyle, when we gave up the house and condo getting rid of most of our household goods we took the next step, and moving onto the boat with the goal of this being where/how we would live for the next decade being the final step.

Now we're land-bound and unsure of our place in the world around us. We're finding our way slowly and so grateful for the opportunities given to us by those we love and who love us. Tomorrow, we will leave Steve and Corrine's warm comforting nest and go on to ... somewhere.

We've had a wonderful time here in San Jose. We started riding our bikes again,

were there for Corrine while Steve spent a couple of days in the hospital - he came home this afternoon, is doing quite well, and is diligently following all of the doctor's instructions -

and watched two delighted grandparents wish Ruby a happy birthday in Washington via Skype.

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