Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fun with Phyl: day 3

Tunnel of trees on the way to Poipu.

Shipwreck Beach.

See the fisher person on top of the rock? We hiked up to that point.

She'd caught two rockfish.

Poipu Village, Puka Dog for lunch.

I was surprised when Phyl ordered her dog with pineapple relish and secret sauce. Usually, she orders her sandwiches plain. Really plain. Meat and bread. Stop right there. When I said something to her, she said, "This is me living on the wild side."

Elephant Walk which Kiki manages and where Pat works on Wednesdays.

Spouting Horn

To the left is another much wider and less spoutier lava tube. Long ago, this blowhole used to shoot water 200 feet into the air. The resulting spray greatly stunted the growth of about 10 acres of sugar cane growing nearby. In the 1920s, a field worker was ordered to drop blasting powder into the hole to widen it. Problem solved.

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