Monday, June 7, 2010

To Chester

The wind was blowing from the west - it was going to be a good day. Now this is truly Big Sky Country. We're on US 2 and paralleling BNSF Railway. These grain elevators in Devon are a typical sight.Sweet Grass Hills

and the site of the Baker Masacre. I hope this picture is readable, it's a sad story.

Looking down occasionally, we'd typically see speeds 18-25 mph and we were making excellent progress. We met Clay from Minneapolis going in the opposite direction. Poor guy, his average was about 6 mph. Clay is on his way to Missoula to work on an organic farm before continuing on the N Tier Route. He gave us some great tips for the road ahead.

The wind was so good we passed up our first camping choice and rode on for a new daily high of 70 miles.

We were able to camp, for free at the city park. A sign warned tenters to be off the grass by 9 am - that's when the sprinklers came on. Tables with overhangs made cooking in the wind easier.

The park occupied an entire city block with a play area

and a landscaped corner maintained by the local garden club.

Miles completed = 1022

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