Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Mankota

This is road 18 heading north. On the official Saskatchewan road map it's called a "thin membrane surface, no shoulders." There is also very little traffic, maybe one vehicle/hour will go by in one direction or another. Our goal is to avoid the many gravel roads.

Contrary to what some think, the prairies are not flat. They are flatter than roads through the Rocky Mountains, North Cascades, etc. There can be some short steep climbs, conversely some wonderful downhills, although rather bumpy due to poor road surfaces.

As you can see, the weather is changing. This morning the Canadian Minister of Agriculture said in a television interview this is the wettest spring in 40 years. Everyone is talking about the coming rain, maybe 2 inches will fall in the next 3 days. The farmers are worried getting the fields planted and the possibility of hail if crops have already sprouted.

The main street of Mankota, population 382.

We were able to put up our tent in the city park as soon as the tall grass had been mowed. We had coffee at the local hotel then visited the library located in a 12' X 12' space, part of the town office. We had some light rain on today's ride and headwinds, which make for a tiring day.

Miles completed = 1281

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