Saturday, June 5, 2010

To Cut Bank

Jo made us the best breakfast: sourdough pancakes, venison sausage, and fried apples. That's the way to get ready for a 48-mile day. Thanks, Jo!

Goodbye Rocky Mountains, it's time to ride the Great Plains. We would descend 2000 feet and there was a cold strong tailwind. It was going to be a good day.

We stopped at a grocery store in Browning. Several Blackfeet came up to greet us. This boy's father welcomed us to the reservation and told us the only thing to fear was the strong wind. Jacob was playing his drum and singing a little in front of the store. He's going to be a drummer when he grows up. He showed me a couple of different rhythms he learned from his uncle: the snake and the sneak-up.
From an overpass, one of the 32 BNSF trains for the day. This one headed eastward

with a long line of containers on flatbeds bringing goods from west coast ports to the midwest and east. Trains headed westward are frequently grain cars.

One difference for Dick as we ride this landscape will be finding enough cover so he can pee. In this case he had to ride a steep dirt road and go behind a monument noting the most westward point attained by Meriwether Lewis.

Our average speed was about 20 mph and we arrived in Cut Bank in early afternoon. We've never had a day of riding like this one. What fun! We are camped at Riverview RV Park.

Miles completed = 952

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