Friday, June 11, 2010

To Turner

Today we went off the Adventure Cycling route and headed north on road 241. We're on our way to Canada. The terrain was hillier, more desolate, with a side-wind which turned into a headwind, and then it began to rain. We were fairly miserable by the time we reached Turner.
Our first stop was the post office to buy a few postcard stamps (in Canada, mailing a postcard to the USA cost almost 4 times as much). I casually asked the postmistress if there was a motel in town. No, but she could call Connie who rents rooms in a house she owns in town. Known as Connie's Place or the Turner Palace, we rented a room with access to a bathroom for $25. It was rustic (a generous term) and clean. There was a little television with 125 channels, but only 4 of them came in and poorly at that. None of this mattered, we were warm and dry.

Miles completed = 1174

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