Saturday, June 12, 2010

To Climax, Saskatchewan, Canada

The weather cleared but we still have a headwind. 12 miles to the border. Checking into Canada was easy.After we were cleared, I went inside the office to pick up tourism information for Saskatchewan. I could hear the young man who checked us in telling his supervisor in the back about us. "What! Two people on bicycles! What the hell are they doing? Where are they going."

I called out, "I can hear you back there." They both came to the front smiling and I filled them in on where we'd started and where we were going. I think we may be an oddity in this part of Canada.
A few miles down the road, this farmer, sitting on his idle tractor waiting for a water truck so he could continue spraying weeds, called out to us. We stopped, he walked over to find out what we were doing. He grows duram wheat and mustard seed. A perfect first encounter with the friendly people of Saskatchewan.

With one kilometer to go, we see what's available in Climax, population = 180. Medical services, camping, motel, swimming (the pool had no water in it however), and a library (open on Tu and Fri, 4 hours each day).
The camping was free, the bathroom left much to be desired. There was also a grocery store where we learned to plan ahead for Sundays, when businesses are generally closed. We were also invited to the Senior Center across the street for coffee and treats. Can't say no to that.

Miles completed = 1201

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