Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Mossbank

Gravelbourg was a short distance away and, coincidentally the 10th annual Summer Solstice Festival was happening. This community seems more prosperous than some of its neighbors and does a great job of advertising itself. Check it out at

The day was filled with entertainment, great food from local restaurants, craft booths, and

amazing face painting for the kids.

We turned east onto Road 43, it's so nice to have a road with adequate shoulders. Going north on Hwy 2 was even better. Mossbank, population 415, was a couple of miles off the main road and we'd arrived mid-afternoon.
We went to the local restaurant for lunch #2. Dick ordered a "loaded" hamburger. We've learned that in Canada, if you order a hamburger (cousin Phyllis will love this), you always get just meat and a bun. If you want ketchup, mustard, pickles/relish, lettuce, and tomato, you must order it "loaded." I heard the two boys in the booth behind us tell their parents they wanted "poutine." I had to ask what that was. French fries with two kinds of melted cheese and gravy over the top.
This weekend, Mossbank was hosting the Little League playoffs and teams traveled up to 100 miles to compete. The city campground was next to the playing fields. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to watch little kids play baseball. The girl playing first base is watching the runner and about to mis-catch the thrown ball. "Ow! Ow! Ryan, you almost broke my finger," she called out to her teammate as she shook her gloved hand. The runner was safe and Ryan apologized.

"Arlete!" What? Who could possibly be calling my name? It was Gail from M.O.M.S in Lafleche.
We had a nice visit. The friendliness of Canadians is just endearing.

Miles completed = 1368

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