Monday, June 21, 2010

To Regina

First stop of the day: Tim Horton's for breakfast. Our table was right next to this couple, Cheryl and Lionel from Abbotsford BC. I think we talked for a good hour and had a great time and the next time we pass through Abbotsford, we will stop in for another visit.

At about our halfway point, another touring pedal-biker overtook us. Nick, a Canadian who's lived in Switzerland for the past 18 years, is riding from Vancouver to New Foundland. He said the two things everyone asured him of were NOT true - the wind is always from the west, the prairies were flat. I agree.
We had a headwind all day, one small rainstorm passed over us. Seeing the Regina sign meant we were close to our day's goal, but the sky over the city was very very dark, lightning occasionally shot across the skyline. As we made a left turn to visit another Tim Horton's for afternoon coffee, a lady rolled down the window of her car and called out, "I hope you're headed for cover. There's a tornado warning!" About 30 minutes later, the sky opened up and dumped about 1/2" in 15 minutes.

After the short powerful downpour, we left to find my cousin Glenn's house. At one point, the street was flooded 3 lanes across, but the cars kindly let us move to the far left to ride slowly through a few inches of water. At last we made it and were so happy to arrive for a few days of rest and visiting family. Tonight Glenn organized a family barbecue.
On my mom's side of the family, there were 6 siblings: Louise, Olga, Fernie, Alma (my mom), Johnny, and Eleanor. Only my mom and Fernie are still living. Tonight 6 of my 15 cousins came to dinner at Glenn's house. It was a great family reunion, it's been 28 years since I was last in Saskatchewan. L-R: Sandra, Uncle Fernie (age 93), Jeannette.

L-R: cousin Glenn, Oakley and father Ray, Andrea (Glenn's daughter)

Happy 60th Birthday, Sandra (on 24 June):

Cousins Julie and Glenn:
Cousin Ruth and Brenda:

Cousin Kathy and Charlie:

Thank you, Glenn for hosting a wonderful family event!
Miles completed = 1469

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  1. Great meeting you two at Tim's. What an adventure you are on! I will be following your blog. Our door is always open in Abbotsford. Left Sask Tues, Wed flew to Phoenix with my daughter, no rain here, only 99degrees at 9:30pm. Sun and shop!