Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Harlem

Another good tailwind and relatively flat terrain made the ride to Harlem pretty easy. A sign on the city hall building told bicyclists where to camp and inside Robin welcomed us with a smile and lots of information. Every town in America should have a Robin working for them. When I asked if I could take her picture and told her the comment I would include, she almost cried. "I'm having the worst day. This morning, my husband was hit in the head with a backhoe and went to the hospital. And now, you've gone and made me feel better."

These two little guys came by to visit and ask a million questions several times during the afternoon and evening.
Here, Dick explains about the rear view mirror attached to his glasses. He told them when the mirror is tilted toward the sky, he can receive messages from the mothership.

Tonight there was music in the park. Sadly only one man and his two sons attended.

These volunteers sold cookies to benefit the local swimming pool. The lady on the right bought a cookie for every person who came up to the table, mostly kids from the nearby playground who came up with longing eyes but empty pockets.

We could hear no music from our tentsite because of the concrete cutter across the street whose entire task coincided perfectly with the music time.

Miles completed = 1142

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