Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Havre

9 am sprinklers - no that wasn't how it worked out. At 5:30 am the city crew arrived waiting for 3 concrete trucks. The city was pouring a slab where they would later build an enclosed shelter for community events. Soon we were eating breakfast at Spud's Restaurant. We are NOT generally on the road very early, but today we began pedaling at 7:30.

Another view of Sweet Grass Hills

We saw lots of wildlife today. Yellow-bellied marmots, many squashed on the road, the lucky ones dashing into the grass or diving into burrows. A fox curled up on a mound of dirt. Many antelope standing in the wide-open fields. And this metal sculpture:

We stopped in Hingham for lunch and bought a couple of things at the little grocery store. The clerk said, "73 cents, please. No, wait! It's 72 cents, I almost overcharged you by a penny," and laughed heartily at her mistake. Dick gave her a dollar, she gave him a quarter, thereby short-changing us by 3 cents. She didn't seem to notice her second error and we both thought it was too funny to say anything.

The other cool thing that happened today was an Amtrak train tooted "hello" to us as it passed by. It's funny how something small like that just brightens up your day.

We had another good tailwind today and arrived in Havre by 2:30. That's what happens when you start riding early in the day - hmmm. We're camped tonight at the Great Northern Fair Campground - not free but pretty darn cheap! 65 miles today - we feel like studs.

Miles completed = 1089

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