Monday, June 28, 2010

To Milestone

Breakfast at Tim Horton's before getting back on the road. Glenn rode his bike, too, and I'm sure he's now caught the bicycle-riding bug. Right, Glenn? His son Jordan came in for a coffee before going off to work.Thank you, Glenn, for letting us stay at your house and for showing us around. We will never forget your kindness and generosity. We are very excited that you might travel to Mexico this coming winter to visit us on Cuatro de Mayo. Mexican hospitality is summarized by saying "Mi casa es su casa." But in our case, we say, "Nuestro barco es su barco." Our boat is your boat.

Our luck with the wind disappeared today. It's a headwind. We averaged 6 mph and spent 6 hours in the saddle. Exhausting. We camped at the city park and had a visit from Jeff and Herb Axten. Herb was full of stories, jokes, and questions about our bicycle tour. He asked Dick why he was out doing this riding. Dick answered, "Its not me, this is HER idea. I'm just being a good sport." People usually assume that somehow Dick roped me into this crazy adventure, but no, this really is all my idea of having fun. If the Herb had had the key, we could have stayed in his 5th-wheel RV parked nearby. As Herb gave me his business card and I gave him our blog address, he asked me with a wink-and-a-nudge, "You're not one of those left-wing pinkos, are you?" Canadian friendliness and good humor at its best.
Miles completed = 1508

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