Saturday, December 29, 2012

Clark Family Gathering

This afternoon we drove to Tudor - "a populated place" according to the only reference available online, near Olivehurst and Yuba City, about 30 miles north of Sacramento - for the annual holiday gathering. It's been years since we've been able to attend. It was held at the home of Steve and Grace:

On Dick's father's side of the family, there were 3 kids: George (Skaug), Thelma, and James.  James was Dick's father.  Thelma Skaug married Merrill Clark and had three children: George (Clark), Steve, and Merrilyn.  Thelma was also a much-loved teacher and principal in the Rio Linda Union School District. 

George (Clark) married Shirley, they had three children: Here is one of them, Missy with two of her children, Monique and William.  Missy and I taught together at Sierra View for the last 3 years of my career, Missy still teaches there.

Another of Shirley and George's children, Julie:

George married Opal and had two children, Lynne and Jim.  L-R (ignoring the back of that bald head): Steve, Jim, Bob Hirsch, and Tom Skaug (Dick's brother).

Dick with Lynne:
L-R: Clara (back to camera), Christy (Lynne's daughter), and Christy's boyfriend
Bob and Merrilyn.  Bob and I both worked at Westside School long ago.

L-R: Shirley, Clara, Julie, Merrilyn.

L-R: Julie, Terri (Jim's wife).

Steve is a phenomenal artist. He's carved and painted at least 3 carousel horses, there's a bit of one two pictures above. A wall of the family room showcases his paintings:

My favorite: a wood carving of three yellow birds on sunflowers.

A watch-frog on top of a wardrobe:

We had a great time! Thank you for hosting this family event Steve and Grace.


  1. Thank you Arlete for posting these pictures and blog. You do a wonderful job. This was a great family gathering, and especially good to see you & Dick looking so healthy! I enjoyed the evening
    very much and catching up with everyone as much as possible. It was great! Love, Lynne

  2. Lynne,thanks so much for posting a comment to the blog. I think it's your first. ~A