Friday, December 28, 2012

Update on Dick's health

Today, the cardiologist released Dick to return to many daily activities like riding a bicycle, rowing a dinghy (gently), drinking caffeinated coffee, eating the occasional Polish dog at Costco, carrying groceries in from the car, opening/closing his own car door ... yay!

Dick:  "I feel like my whole world has opened up to me again.  Hardly any restrictions as long as I keep the dP/dT low to moderate."

 My response to that was "Huh?" Dick loves to explain these things in great detail, but I will rephrase in my own non-calculus terms. d stands for "delta" which stands for "change." P = pressure. T = time. In the words, it's ok for Dick to increase his blood pressure during exercise as long as it's slowly. It's an abrupt big change that's dangerous.

Now he wants to plan a trip to check on the boat which has been facing its own challenges in the past couple of weeks.  The bridle on the anchor failed and was rescued and repaired by a couple of local guys from the Nawiliwili Yacht Club.  Five boats have dragged anchor and broken loose, one of them hit our boat and caused some damage.  Needless to say, the boat needs some TLC from Dick and now he's been cleared to go and do it. 

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  1. hooray! Mike appreciated the equation as an explanation.