Thursday, December 27, 2012

Exploring Irving Street

We've been staying with Dick's son, Greg, and his wife, Nicole. 

This week we've gone or will go to 3 doctors' appointments and Christmas happened, but today there was nothing on the schedule so we decided to go for a walk.

Beautiful homes along one side of the street

but what's that on the other side of the street?

Aha! A one-acre demonstration garden dedicated to urban agriculture and education.

Six different varieties grow on this espaliered apple tree which is only about 4 feet high.

After harvesting, fruits and vegetables are donated to a local shelter for homeless youth.

Almost every weekend classes in sustainable agriculture are offered to the public.

School groups come here for field trips.


Bagels at Posh Bagels!

Ooooh, a fabric store.  This was an unexpected surprise. 

Cute store. All cottons, but unique prints.  I just had to buy something.  I'll let you know when the project is finally sewn, I have a few other things to finish first.

Excellent pizza at Pasquale's.

What a fun day! with a bit of exercise.

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