Friday, December 7, 2012

What boat work?

Pat's convertible is so much fun. I can't remember the last time I rode around in one. I'm even thinking this might be my first time. Nooo, that can't be.

Christmas craft fair at Kauai Museum.

  L-R: Pat, Kiki, Marion, Sylvia.

A little time on the boat in the afternoon.

The anchor bridle was chafing so I shortened it up and consulted with Dick by phone about how to protect it and what to buy at Home Depot.

Dinner at Pat's. Yum! Grilled amberjack, ahi, and scallops.

Bill does a little gangnam-style dancing:

After dinner, a little tour of "the hood" as they call their community.  At Kiki's, she showed us the cell phone cases she crafts:

Debra and Eric's house:

What a fun neighborhood! They share household maintenance tools, shop for one another at the farmer's market, have dinners together in various combinations, and make coffee in the morning for Pat's guest - me!


  1. Arlete , Im sure you have it organised and I dont mean to dictate , but I would make sure you have someone who can ocasionally check the bridle etc. Or get a local to stay onboard, they may just do it for the fun.
    Maybe try find a mooring.
    Looks like you have fitted in over there very nicely, not that I expected anything else.
    Hope your xmas is a good one, I will be with family this year , so will be very nice.

  2. We got that covered darren as we r out around the boat almost evert week end
    Pat. With bill and the rest of "da hood"

    1. Make that most every

    2. Make that most every

    3. Make that most every

  3. Darren, thanks for your concern, every little bit helps, especially since I'm new to this boat maintenance stuff. As you can see, Pat and da' hood have stepped up to check on the boat, for which I am enormously grateful. So glad you'll be with family this year. I am also excited. We haven't been around at Christmastime in years. Big hugs from me to Haruka, your daughters and mum and dad.