Sunday, December 2, 2012

Water water everywhere

It's been raining a lot the last few days. From Nov 28-Dec 2, Sacramento received 4.74 inches of rain, about 26% of all that can be expected for the entire year. Justin was happy to get two days of overtime working for the City of Sacramento.

This morning the California Marathon happened irregardless of the weather.  Thais and Lenin were part of a 4-person relay team.   Lenin ran leg #2, Thais ran leg #3, both in miserable conditions.  I went to the corner of Garfield and Fair Oaks Blvd, to watch Thais run by and take a picture.  I waited

and waited for a white cap and blue jacket to approach, looking hard as big groups came by,

but I only got soaked and never saw her.  Darn.  So I went to visit with my mom.
Lots of flooded roads.  This is 16th St/Raley Blvd, looking north toward Rio Linda.

And later, a very happy Adrienne shows antique doll crib with finished quilt, pillowcase, and mattress cover.

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