Monday, December 10, 2012

Hiking and oar repairs

A hike along Shipwreck Beach in the morning with Pat, Marion, and Sylvia.

There's a big rock that sticks out onto the beach that looks like the prow of a ship, but that's not how this part of Kauai near Poipu got its name.  There was a wrecked ship on the beach for many years until Hurricane Iniki in 1992 took it away.

Sylvia, "Marion, don't go out there! MARION!" 

The view from the top of the "ship."

This was not a beach walk, but rather along the cliffs. Can you see a dinosaur head looking left? It's more to the right end of the rock formation.

Just a bit inland was beautiful the Poipu Bay golf course. 

Apparently, at this point the battery in my camera needed to be recharged.  This was the last picture I successfully took.  There were no charging cords that fit anywhere in Lihue.  Why can't all electronics have a universal charging port? 

Pat got some takeout beef teriyaki for lunch from Mike's in Puhi, then she drove me to Kapaa to get oar sleeves.  Rowing to and from the boat has been difficult with the wind and waves, but it was also complicated by oars that slipped out and back and forth in the oarlocks. 

Pat made a delicious chicken stir fry for dinner, Bill and Sylvia came over.  Later, as Pat and I watched TV, I discovered Pat likes to play Angry Birds as much as I do.

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  1. Hey! Greg, Nicole, Mike and I hiked there when we were there last September! We hiked from Shipwreck Beach out to another beach (can't remember the name). It was beautiful. I'm so glad you had such great hosts and help!