Friday, December 14, 2012

Watching grandchildren

Tonight Thais and Lenin went to Thais' company's Christmas party and ... drum roll, please ... I got to watch Avery and Sophia.  What fun!  Avery loves to rock on the elephant.   When it was time to read a book on the couch, he came running over, crawled onto my lap and got ready to listen.  By the last page, he was sound asleep.

Sophia's bedtime routine includes two books to be read.  She thought maybe she'd like to do math flashcards instead of a book, but finally chose Olivia  and Dora the Explorer.  She gets to sit up for the first book, but must lay down for the second.  And then, "Grandma, my mom said you could hold my hand while I fall asleep."  OK, I can do that.  "Grandma, after I fall asleep my mom said you should check on me a lot." 


  1. That's gorgeous. Spec ial times...........Marion

  2. Maybe the best part of Dick's recovery will be seeing grandchildren more often. And Dick's first grandchild will be born in March!