Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday's trail angels

I stayed on the boat last night and was ridiculously nervous. I'm much braver when Dick is there. Breakfast was really good - a fresh papaya from Pat. Since there was no propane I couldn't turn on the stove, no coffee in the morning. Lunch was ... Spam sandwiches, uncooked with lots of honey mustard.  Icky.

Windy! The anemometer said 11-15 mph, with gusts to 20. Rather than row back and forth in the dinghy, I decided to stay on boat until Wednesday when I'd have make a break for it to fly back to California. I called Dick to tell him I wouldn't be able to put the chafe protection on the anchor bridle nor tilt the outboard our of the water.  I just wasn't strong enough in that wind ... then a short horn blast ...

Bill and Matt had come by in their kayak.  May trail angels had arrived!  I almost cried. They helped me with both projects and took the Lipstik to shore.

Then came back and we put the SUP in the water, tied the dinghy to their kayak with me in it and they towed everything to the kayak dock. I felt like Cleopatra on her barge.

 Bob, Liz, Marion, Pat, and Sylvia were waiting.

We ... no, they carried the dinghy back to its proper dock spot.

Back to the 'hood. Ahhhh, a shower, dinner at Bill and Marion's, Mike and Rebecca were there too. Drank a couple of mai tais, ate a great meal, and life is good once again.

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