Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

A New Year's tradition: dinner with friends, this year at Olive Garden. L-R: Esther, Corrine, Steve. Steve is Dick's brother.

L-R: Jack, Uncle Fred, Cookie (Esther's sister).  Fred is Corrine's uncle.

L-R: Lydia, Dick, Arlete.  Dan (Lydia's husband, brother of Steve and Dick) was at home not feeling well.

After dinner, most went back to Steve and Corrine's for dessert.

This was followed by a rousing card game of "May I?" a version of contract rummy.

Low score wins, congratulations Dick who said he basically guessed at how to play the game.  Yeah, sure.  This was one of our funnest New Year's Eves ever. 

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