Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Last day in Kauai

Coffee at Bill's while we waited for delivery of a new refrigerator. Sylvia flew to Austin TX last night.

Hularobics at KAC!!  It was Hua's first day back also after being with her daughter in Kodiak AK for a health event.  Darn! - I thought I took a video of the hula White Sandy Beach, but alas the camera was dead.

With every ounce of courage I could summon, I rowed to the boat in a strong wind and wasn't sure I was making any progress, although I was drifting sideways.  At one point, I had to pray for strength not to end up on the rocks of the inner breakwall.  My arms ached by the time I got there.  I caulked my first-ever window, sopped water, emptied and moved water jugs to a better place, put cockpit cushions in a somewhat drier place, packed some clothes for Dick, and generally secured as much as I could.  Rowing back was easier with the wind, but wetter.  The first part was sideways to the waves and I had to maintain an angle to avoid the rocks of the breakwall again and keeping the oars in the water or not too deep was hard because of the sideways rocking.  I was a wreck by the time I tied the dinghy to the dock.  But there was Pat with a smiling face, dry land, and we were off to relax and set aside my anxiety.

We met Bill at Duke's for Taco Tuesday.  This is a 'hood weekly tradition and sometimes as many as 20 people meet at Duke's, but today there was just the three of us.  Two beers and two tacos later, I was back to normal. No more boat work, no more wind and waves, tomorrow I would fly home.  Whew!

A BIG thank-you to Pat for her hospitality and making me feel so welcome in her home.

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