Friday, July 9, 2010

To Arthur

We are seeing more cornfields these days, and the wheat is beginning to turn yellow-green. It's hotter today, probably close to 90 degrees, this is when I become grouchy.

Dick caught up with me at mile 40 in Page where we had lunch in a little air-conditioned cafe. Parking here was unique. Not only was there parking along the sidewalk, but also parallel parking along the center line of the street. The only moving vehicle in this picture is the Jeep on the right.
Communication between cycling groups is fascinating. When we meet people going west, we tell them about the detour south of Devils Lake and various oily road construction projects that have made a mess on the undersides of our bikes and bags. In turn, it's been recommended that we go slightly off-route to take advantage of the Lake Wobegon Regional Trail in Minnesota, not to miss the bicycle hostel in Dalbo, and watch for the 3 Dutchmen up the road. We never saw the Dutchmen, but will definitely check out the other two suggestions.

Miles completed = 2026

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