Saturday, July 10, 2010

To Fargo

Our ride was fairly short today because of a special event.
Our brother-in-law Mark's cousin, Cathy Schiebe, whom we'd met at a family wedding several years ago, lives about 100 miles from Fargo ND. She drove over to spend the day with us and give us a tour of Fargo and Moorhead Minnesota. This is where Cathy and Mark were born and raised. And their family history here goes back 150 years. Bikes and gear easily fit into Cathy's van.
First stop, a delicious lunch at Green Market Kitchen.

Then on to Scheels, the world's largest sporting good store. There's a ferris wheel inside and everything for every sport imaginable.

The Heritage Hjemkomst Center in Moorhead, Minnesota,

has an exhibit about the Randolph and Catherine Probstfield family, Cathy's great-grandparents. Randolph, who settled in Moorhead in 1860, kept meticulous diaries so the historical detail in particularly rich.

Dick was rather fascinated by the replica Viking ship. Built by Robert Asp in the 1970s, he and a crew sailed it to Norway in 1983.

We visited the farm. A farmer to the north grows the organic greens served by the Green Market Kitchen.

Across the street in the

There's a new foundation under the house and many remodeling layers have been removed. The darkest area on the right shows the original 1860 log construction. It's a slow process when you rely on volunteer labor and donations.

The barn has a new roof and one of the cupolas has been repaired.

This is the first time we've ever had someone over to our campsite for dinner and Cathy was a good sport. She didn't mind at all drinking wine from a cut-in-half plastic bottle, eating salad from through a cut-out in the top of the plastic bag it came in, or being served quesadillas on a paper towel.

Thank you, Cathy, for a memorable day and one of the best highlights of our trip.

Miles completed = 2057

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