Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Spectacle Lake

That sound of a chainsaw last night was Robert clearing a fallen tree from his driveway.The city came out to clear this one from the public road.

Robert gave us an excellent shortcut to get back on our route. The storm damage was evident all along the way. The talk at Star Lake Store was about the injured campers in Boulder Junction (where we would have stayed if Robert and Allison had not been our Warmshowers hosts) and the tornado that touched down forcing a local restaurant owner to bring all her customers to the basement. At Scoobie's in Conover where we had lunch, an elderly couple seemed stunned after a large oak tree had fallen on their house, they really weren't sure what to do next.

Today we camped at Spectacle Lake Campground, SE of Phelps. Getting water was a two-person four-handed job. Dick had to pump 36 times before any water would flow. I had to hold up a valve with one hand so the water would come out the faucet instead of the drinking fountain and hold the container under the faucet with the other hand. Needless to say, there were no showers tonight.

Miles completed = 2692

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