Saturday, July 3, 2010

To Minot

A 20 mph wind was at our back as we rode/flew through the Souris Valley. It actually feels like you're riding in still air, it's only when you stop for a drink or a short rest that you realize the push you're getting.
We arrived in Minot before noon and there to greet us was an old friend, Starbuck's. Dick may long for Tim Horton's but I'm partial to Starbuck's. I called our Warmshowers host, Tracy, and got directions to the house. This was going to be fun. Tracy and Tina have 4 children between the ages of 3-9. Everyone is excited, tomorrow morning they are going on vacation.

Later in the afternoon, Katie gave me a furry halo to wear and I became "The Angel." When we sat down for dinner, Katie showed me where to sit. I wondered aloud who was going to sit next to the angel. Katie moved her plate to my right. Alec moved his plate to my left. This created a problem for Allie who wanted to sit beside the angel but had to sit between her mother and father. Vegetables were served onto everyone's plate. When the vegetables had been eaten, then the spaghetti and garlic bread were served. I thought this was a brilliant strategy for getting your kids to eat their vegetables with enthusiasm, it worked perfectly. Katie finished dinner first and left the table. Tina quickly moved Allie's plate to the open spot. Allie was quite happy. L-R: Allie, the Angel, Katie

L-R: Allie, Tracy, Katie, Tina, Anna, Alec

Thank you so much, Tracy and family, for a wonderful Warmshowers experience. We hope you have a great vacation.

Miles completed = 1734

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  1. Three perfect angels. Two golden halos and one of silver.