Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To Minnewauken

Most often you see round bales of hay in the fields. These perfect haystacks belong in a nursery rhyme.
The first half of our ride was a crosswind (in sailing, you'd call it a beam reach). The second half we had a wonderful tailwind. Camping is at the city park in Minnewauken is free if you're bycicylist - good deal. Mitch and Ryan, father and son from Chicago, are riding from Washington to Connecticut, but have to hurry to get home before Ryan starts his senior year of high school.

Katy is riding east to west to raise money for the MS Society in honor of her father. Katy's husband is providing SAG support. She needs to reach Anacortes WA by the end of the month. Both of these stories make us realize how lucky we are to have a slow-paced riding plan.

Minnewauken and the Devils Lake area has a very interesting story. Devils Lake is rising to record heights and has no natural outlet. Last year it spilled over and blended with Stump Lake. Roads are permanently flooded, farmland is being lost, levees are being built to save the town of Devils Lake. The water is creeping toward the small resort town of Minnewauken, the base of the water tower is now submerged and there's no money to move it. Tomorrow our route takes a detour to avoid these problems. Here is a link with more facts: http://www.swc.state.nd.us/4DLink9/4dcgi/GetContentPDF/PB-206/DL_Quick_Facts.pdf

Miles completed = 1824

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