Sunday, July 4, 2010

To Rugby

4th of July. Happy Birthday, America. Happy Birthday, Glenn Manz in Regina. Today Glenn will be flying the USA flag in his back yard. It was also flying during our week's stay last month.

Another day with a strong tailwind. Near the town of Granville we met a group of bicycle tourists ride westward - against the wind - poor kids. They left New Jersey on June 1. From our point of view, they are riding at a fast pace. L-R: Straps, Yak, Bags (they use road names).

By 1 o'clock, we'd reached our planned destination but felt strong enough to ride a little bit more. So we tacked on another 20 miles which only took an hour to complete and stopped for the night in Rugby, the geographical center of North America. 70 easy miles today, and frankly, we're feeling rather studly.

Miles completed = 1804

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