Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Manitowish Waters

This morning Dick fixed Flat #3, the rear tire on my bike. I haven't mentioned having flat tires on this trip yet. You'll remember we had 33 flats when we rode the S Tier Route and we've been amazed at our luck so far. Flat #1 was the trailer in Minot, but our Warmshowers host Tracy fixed it while Dick was taking a shower. Flat #2 started out as a very slow leak that required more and more pumps of air each day until it insisted on being a real flat - my bike, rear tire.

At breakfast this morning, the weather forecast said a big storm was headed our way, so we rode as fast as possible trying to outrun the worst of it. We did get sprinkled on a few times on our way through Butternut, around Turtle Flambeau Flowage, and into Mercer. The skies cleared up as we rode on to Manitowish Waters. Shortly after we arrived at the home of our Warmshowers hosts tonight, Robert and Allison, it started to rain, really rain. We were so thankful to have the shelter of the wide porch for cooking and also accepted the invitation to sleep inside. Our bedroom was through these doors.
Robert and Allison's house sits on the shore of Alder Lake, one in a chain of 10 lakes in this area.
Fields of wild rice.
As the evening went on, the rain, thunder, and lightening got worse, the wind blew furiously, the power went out. A neighbor came by to tell Robert that a big tree had fallen across the rode. Again, a huge THANK YOU to Robert and Allison for letting us stay with them tonight. We slept soundly but, after the storm eased up, we could hear the faint sounds of chainsaws.

Miles completed = 2645

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