Monday, July 26, 2010

To Glidden

As usual I left about 1 1/2 hours before Dick. I found this little jewel about 19 miles into my ride and couldn't resist stopping in and having breakfast #2. I felt a little guilty until I heard later from Dick that before he left Hayward, he went to the grocery store and had 2 cinnamon rolls, then went over to McDonald's for coffee and an Egg McMuffin.For about 15 miles, I rode through an elk refuge with some kind of elk detection system. If the lights were flashing, elk might be nearby. Three of the four lights I passed were flashing, but no elk were spotted.
Glidden, where the largest black bear was killed, 7' 10", 650 pounds dressed. The bear was stuffed and sits inside a glass case in the center of town.

It was fascinating to watch this artist work on a large mural of locals who served in the military. Posted nearby were copies of photos to help her accuracy with facial features and the uniform.

I've been carrying around a bag of staurolite rocks for a week. It was time to mail some to brother-in-law Tom the geologist and some to myself . . . and

it was also way overdue to send the saskatoon berry jam, from Southey, Saskatchewan, home. I've been carrying it for more than 4 weeks.

This is our idea of the perfect campsite: Marion Park. It was free, no one else was there, there were no lights, it was very quiet, it was close to restaurants and the grocery store.

The only disadvantages were no showers and the worst mosquitoes we've encountered yet.

Miles completed = 2587

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