Friday, July 2, 2010

To Kenmare, North Dakota, USA

It was an interesting night. The blaring wedding music went on until 11 pm and a thunderstorm blasted us in the early morning hours. I was certain we were going to be struck by lightning, the tent leaned over me in the strong wind, and the rainfly couldn't keep all the rain out. It was impossible to sleep. It's been rather hot the last few days, so we're trying to get up and on the road earlier. 14 miles to the border.
Back in the USA:
We rode ND-52 most of the day with a gentle headwind all day. The biggest challenge was the section shared with ND-5. The ride-able shoulder ranged from 4"-12" unless the gravel had piled up forcing us to ride the white line. Thankfully, the traffic was light.
Since there were no available showers last night, we are unbelievably dirty. It was 88 degrees today, but felt like 93 degrees, according to Therefore, we got a motel room - time for a little comfort . . . and no (expletive deleted) mosquitoes.

Miles completed = 1679


  1. Been camping with Maureen, Bruce and a bunch of cousins and friends in Door County Wisconsin for the past two weeks with min. WiFi opportunities. Just got caught up on your adventure. I'm guessing your happy that this country and our neighbor to the north residents is a lot friendlyer than the weather and insects. RIDE ON!

  2. I wish we could have been in Wisconsin at the same time as you, Donna, Maureen, and Bruce. It would have been a great reunion. As we understand it, the mosquitoes will be a part of our lives for the rest of the trip.