Friday, July 16, 2010

To Ashby

"Would you like a cup of coffee.?" Yup, second day in a row that someone offers Dick his favorite morning beverage. This time it was the priest who lives across the river who could see we were on bicycles and camping.

Today we went off route and took SR 59 all the way to Fergus Falls. It's been recommended several times by touring cyclists that we take the Central Lakes and Lake Wobegon Trails. One couple in Arthur ND even gave us the brochure with a map of the trails. The trail sort of begins in Fergus Falls in front of the Burger King.A couple of miles down the road, the real trail begins.

As I made a u-turn through a pile of sandy gravel to take this picture, I fell down. Skinned up knee and bruised ego. The tunnel goes under Hwy 210.

What a relief to ride on a dedicated separate paved bike trail, away from traffic. It's quiet and peaceful. The next 100 or so miles will be very pleasant. Lakes, small and large, are everywhere.

We had a late lunch in Ashby. The priest highly recommended Ruby's as the best place to eat.

Another 2 miles down the trail and we came to Ashby Resort, our campground for the night, along the shore of Pelican Lake.

Miles completed = 2192

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