Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Boonville

I got going earlier this morning. It's supposed to be hotter and more humid. Looming around us is Hurricane Earl coming up the Atlantic coast and a cold weather system pushing from the west. More weather adventures? The Salmon River Reservoir:

Dick and I met for lunch in Osceola. In the next booth were Charlie and Lila Gallo. They offered to give us a lift to Boonville. Dick declined, but I accepted. It was such a hot day and the hill climbing has been tough.

Lila was very sweet. The last thing she said before driving away was "I hope you have a nice life."
In Boonville, I found a chair in front of the hardware store to wait for Dick to arrive. I had a great conversation with Eric who plans one day to do some bicycle touring. Dick arrived looking pretty beat and I was glad I'd gotten a ride. We rode another two miles to Stysh's Brown Barn Campground. We had access to a TV and kitchen inside the barn.

Miles completed = 3913

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