Saturday, August 28, 2010

To Fair Haven

We thought we'd save some miles by riding SR 31 out of Pittsford instead of riding along the Erie Canal. We saved miles but had to ride some rolling hills. Dick met me in Palmyra at a corner of four churches. The one, the Episcopal Church, is the oldest building in Palmyra, built in 1832.

Between Williamson and Sodus on SR 104 (again we're off route and saving miles), Dick got a flat tire. I rode on knowing he would catch up with me. This was not to be.

25 miles later, he called me and said the tire patching was not working. Maybe the glue in the patch kit was too old? He was about to try his last patch, if that didn't work, he wanted me to ride BACK to him. What!! There was no way I wanted to do that, so I began thinking of alternate plans. It was already 6 pm. I decided I would get a nearby motel first, and then find someone who would drive me back to where he was stranded. In Red Creek I went up to a dark green Jeep with a couple just pulling away from a garage sale and asked about a motel in town. There were none in Red Creek, but about 4 miles up the road, before the town of Fair Haven, there was a motel. On I went, only to find out there was no vacancy. I decided to ride into Fair Haven where there were more options. Coming the opposite direction was the dark green Jeep which stopped. I told the driver what was going on and he offered to go and get Dick. I called Dick and told him, "A Trail Angel has just dropped into our life. His name is Wayne and he's coming to get you."

Meanwhile I could now locate a campground. I turned down a side road and stopped to check my map. A car pulled up, the driver rolled down the window and asked if I needed any help. Again I told my story. She invited us to camp in her backyard. OMG, another Trail Angel. I followed her down the road to her home and then we introduced ourselves. Maryann and her husband,Herb - Trail Angels for sure. The three of us drove into town, met Dick, and had dinner at O'Connors Restaurant. And then, they paid for our dinners. Amazing generosity!

It was dark and rather cold by the time we got back to Maryann and Herb's house, so we accepted their invitation to sleep inside. What a day and what a fine ending.

Miles completed = 3841

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