Friday, August 6, 2010

To Mackinaw City

People who live on the UP are sometimes known as Yoopers. So I wonder if people who live on the Lower Peninsula would then be Loopers.
Today we're taking a ferry to Mackinac Island where there are NO motorized vehicles. Transportation is by bicycle and horse-drawn vehicles.

A last look at St Ignace.

The Grand Hotel. Arriving on the island.
We rode around the perimeter of the island, which was about 7-8 miles. Arch Rock is one of the highlights.
Bicycle traffic can sometimes be congested. Signs repeatedly say No Parking on the Roadway.

This is a very touristy place, lots of shops, not Dick's kind of thing but he was a good sport. Of course the best news is that we can't carry any souvenirs of note on our bicycles.

Garbage pick-up day. 20% of the island is privately owned. Garbage is set out at the street in plastic bags. Goods were picked up at the dock and are going to one the island's hotels.

May's Fudge Shop - fudge is an island specialty, but you need to guard against eating too much and becoming known as a "fudgie."

A view of the bridge from our campground in Mackinaw City on the Lower Peninsula.

L-R: Vivianna, Chris, Emmet, and Ben - they gave us a tent to perhaps replace ours which is leaking and the zipper is failing. They say there's a family bicycle tour in their future after listening to our touring adventures.

Miles completed = 2957

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  1. Spent some good times on that island. In fact my mother worked summers there when she was in high school. (That was before I was born.)