Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Niagara Falls

It feels pretty good to be riding again after a couple of days of lazing around. Approaching Long Beach, Ontario:The Welland Canal in Pt Colborne:

Here the Friendship Trail, a paved bike path begins and will take us all the way to Ft Erie where the Niagara Parkway begins.

Dick and I met for lunch in Ridgeway. We were sitting on a bench in front of a market when Catherine, a local resident, came up and asked if we'd like a B & B tonight. I thought perhaps she owned one, but no, she was offering us a place to stay in her home with breakfast in the morning. It always amazes me when complete strangers make such generous offers. We declined since we wanted to get more miles in today. We're on a schedule now, I booked our train tickets which will take us from Portland Maine back to Sacramento.

We were able to find a reasonably-priced campground just inside the city limits of Niagara Falls, a high-priced tourist mecca. The temperatures have cooled considerably so sleeping tonight will be pleasant. Is it possible we won't have to deal with heat anymore this summer? Friends in Sacramento are bracing for temperatures around 105 degrees and tonight I need to wear a sweatshirt.

Miles completed = 3673

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