Monday, August 16, 2010

To Capac

This morning started off great when Pam and Jay came out with two cups of coffee. Since I don't drink coffee very often anymore, Dick got to have both cups. As usual, I left first and just a 1/2 mile away as I turned the corner onto Silverwood Road, I met Susan and Parker. They're from Maine and started their cross-country ride in Northern California. After visiting for a while, Susan and I left together. This is the first time, I've ridden with anyone other than Dick on this tour. It's a great way to visit and the miles just fly by.

In North Branch, after a brief rest stop, Parker and Susan headed out together. Meanwhile, I found a great little bakery. Dick caught up with me and he had to sample some of their fine baked goods. Dick noticed this sign across the street, he thought "quickies at 6:30" was a great idea.

Our paths crossed again in Brown City where we all were having lunch at Subway. $5 Footlongs have become a favorite for Dick and me on this trip. This and horse poop on the road indicates it's Amish country:

We arrived at Mike and Lorrie's house, our Warmshowers hosts tonight, early in the afternoon. Plenty of time to shower, do laundry, get to know Charlie,

and pitch the tent.

Good news, Susan and Parker are going to spend the night here also. Lorrie made us all a fantastic meal of brats, macaroni and cheese, fresh veggies from her garden, root beer floats and dessert. What a feast!

Miles completed = 3369

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