Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Morpeth

When I rode down the main street of Dresden this morning, I heard someone shout my name. It was Parker and Susan. We were going to ride together, but taking this picture diverted me ("milk-fed chickens"?) and a Tim Horton's lured me in next.

A few miles later, we met Neder and David, 2nd-year med students from England, who left Los Angeles on July 15 and would fly home from New York City on August 22. They ride about 115 miles/day - youthfulness is on their side.
Tobacco plants:
Tobacco drying shed:
The last time we would see Parker and Susan would be in Morpeth. We turned off to ride to Wild Wood Resort where we were hosted by Robert. We joined him for dinner and had a great time. Robert has inspired us to become wine-makers. We really enjoyed both the white wine that went perfectly with the huge tossed salad and the red wine with the lasagna. But, maybe even more, we enjoyed the conversation.

Miles completed = 3466

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