Sunday, August 15, 2010

To Silverwood

I had to wait for a tanker to go through the raised bridge on the Saginaw River, it was a slow process.Another hot day and lots of miles to ride. There was a good tailwind when going eastward, but a challenging side wind when going southward. Dick and I met in Mayville and ate baby cartons of ice cream, but the best part was a guy who came up to chat and said the hot weather was at an end. Hurray!

Just a few more miles to Silverwood and the demon railroad crossing. We first heard about this particular crossing from some cyclists in St Croix WI. Our Warmshowers hosts, Jay and Pam live in the brick house on the right. They started hosting injured cyclists who had fallen when their tires were swallowed by the tracks. (One of the first lessons I learned as a cyclist was to cross RR trails at a 90-degree angle.) They've had to call 911 for an ambulance a couple of times.

Jay and Pam live on 30 acres. When they purchased the property in the late 80s, it was empty grassland. They planted 1000 pine trees every year for the next 8 years. Today there is a mown trail through the woods with little alcoves of seating and this perfect campsite. There was a double-size hammock, wooden swing, fire pit with an available pile of wood, benches, and chairs. It was cool (the heat spell has broken), breezy, quiet, and just about perfect.

Jay and Pam, thanks so much for one of our best camping nights ever.

Miles completed = 3331

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